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IEX 1980 April 15.pdf
Report from a press conference held by Sanjay Gandhi on various subjects including his expected Prime Ministership, RSS and George Fernandes.

For more than two decades, Ram Dutt Tripathi reported for the BBC World Service from Lucknow. He was active among student leaders during the Emergency and was also imprisoned. An independent journalist now, he lives in Lucknow.

TN Ninan was a young reporter during the Emergency. He speaks of the politics of business interests in the media and their relationship with the Government.

Jawid Laiq remembers the Emergency and the mood in the small towns of India just before the 1977 election that threw Indra Gandhi out of power

Hazarika talks of his time with Himmat in Bombay and journalism in small presses that were able to resist and survive the injunctions of the government.
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