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Report on a fast held to support the Bihar movement. Programmes accepted by the Allahabad Chhatra Yuva Sammelan
Reportage on 23rd June meeting held by Jayaprakash Narayan
An appeal from Mahadevi Verma to the youth. reportage of the movements. A translation of Jayaprakash Narayan's article from Everyman's
Nagar Swarajya May 1974
A regular Diary column by Lakshmi Kant Verma presented that talked about the movement while situating it similar to the Mahabharata. He takes the pen name Sanjay (as in the case of Sanjay in Mahabharata who described the scenes of the battle to the…
Article on the the JP movement being a challenge for the incumbent government. A speech of Jayaprakash Narayan in West Bengal
Opinion pieces on the loyalty of the police and army.
Report on the demonstration at the Parliament. A programme for implementing the Sampurna Kranti at the grassroots. March 1975
Inauguration speech by Jayaprakash Narayan at the Tarun Shanti Sena conference in Ujjain. Open letter by Swami Anand to Vinoba Bhave to allow the Sarvodaya Movement to be political . February 1975
Speech by Jayaprakash Narayan calling for sacrifice from the youth. Programme of Sampurna Kranti in Uttar Pradesh and its beginnings in Madhya Pradesh
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