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HT 1976 July 9.pdf
Sanjay Gandhi participates in a 'Shramdan' camp at Amethi with the Youth Congress. He is accompanied by Ambika Soni. He also plants saplings and exhorts those present to adopt family planning.

IEX 1976 Jan 18.pdf
A report on Sanjay Gandhi addressing the Youth Congress exhorting to adopt the five point programme.

IEX 1976 Dec 20.pdf
The Indian Express reports on an article in the Sunday Telegraph assessing the role of Sanjay Gandhi in Indian politics and the Emergency in particular.

HT 1976 Aug 24.pdf
A report on Sanjay Gandhi inaugurating thye Van Mahotsav (tree plantation drive).

Blitz 1976 Feb 14.pdf
A 1976 interview with Sanjay Gandhi in Blitz. The piece deifies Sanjay Gandhi as a political visionary and praises the measures taken under the emergency.

This short film is on family welfare and conveys that the ‘Better Tomorrow’ acceptance of small family norm is very essential.

A colour cartoon on the importance of Family Planning for healthy children.

The film `Blast’ subtly tries to draw one’s attention to the need oflimiting the family. It has no commentary.

This film portrays the role played by a female family planning fieldworker in the family palnning campaign. She has to move from door to door. The central character of this film serves as an ideal example for the new entrants in this field.
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