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Current Boldest National Weekly 1977 June 11.pdf
Current reports the death of Sanjay Gandhi's father-in-law and various other issues related to Sanjay Gandhi. A report on assembly elections in Goa and West Bengal, Editoiral on BR Chopra's films. Guardian 1979 May 2.pdf
The Guardian reports Sanjay Gandhi's bail after he was arrested for protesting Indira Gandhi's trial
Four snippets on events and memorials to Sanjay Gandhi 1980 May 18.pdf
Indian Express report on work on Sanjay Gandhi memorial 1977 May 12.pdf
A report on the misuse of state machinery by Sanjay Gandhi 1980 June 23.pdf
Hindustan Times report on indences of Sanjay Gandhi mishandling flights 1977 April 25.pdf
A report on 28 lakhs being spent on a water treatment chemical which was known to be superfluous by the Delhi Water Supply and Sewage Disposal Undertaking. The chemical was sold by Sanjay Gandhi's firm Maruti Technical Services (P) Limited.

Letter to Sanjay Gandhi no date.pdf
An open letter from an anonymous person asks questions of Sanjay Gandhi concerning his qualifications, his role as kingmaker, his following etc. The letter is designed for circulation with an appeal at the end to share it with friends and relatives.
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