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IEX 1977 Feb 18.pdf
Bharati Bhargava and Jawid Laiq report on the electoral mood preceding the 1977 election. It reports some resentment against the incumbent government but does not anticipate a Congress defeat in a constituency that has voted Congress since 1952

HT 1976 July 9.pdf
Sanjay Gandhi participates in a 'Shramdan' camp at Amethi with the Youth Congress. He is accompanied by Ambika Soni. He also plants saplings and exhorts those present to adopt family planning.

Mainstream 1980 July 5.pdf
An editorial in the Mainstream remarks on the lack of direction in the Youth Congress after Indira's death.

HT 1977 May 28.pdf
A report on the deposition of one Avinash Chand who filed a criminal conspiracy case against Sanjay Gandhi and ND Tiwari alleging that he had demanded 2 lakh as donation for the Youth Congress

IEX 1976 Jan 18.pdf
A report on Sanjay Gandhi addressing the Youth Congress exhorting to adopt the five point programme.

IEX 1976 Dec 20.pdf
The Indian Express reports on an article in the Sunday Telegraph assessing the role of Sanjay Gandhi in Indian politics and the Emergency in particular.

Blitz 1976 Feb 14.pdf
A 1976 interview with Sanjay Gandhi in Blitz. The piece deifies Sanjay Gandhi as a political visionary and praises the measures taken under the emergency.
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