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The four persons, according to the author, who were responsible for the defeat of the Congress in 1977 following the lifting of the emergency

no newspaper no date.pdf
A newspaper report on the proceedings of the Shah Commission.

HT 1976 July 9.pdf
Sanjay Gandhi participates in a 'Shramdan' camp at Amethi with the Youth Congress. He is accompanied by Ambika Soni. He also plants saplings and exhorts those present to adopt family planning.

India Backgrounder 1980 July 7.pdf
India Backgrounder writes about Sanjay's career and personality in the aftermath of his death.

Par 1978 April 21.pdf
Reports on division within the Youth Congress -I after the emergency is lifted. The. report particularly focuses particularly on the Youth Congress- I being divided into camps supporting Sanjay Gandhi and President Swaroop Nayyar respectively.

no newspaper 1976 Feb 2.pdf
An interview with Sanjay Gandhi in February 1976 on the Emergency, restrictions on the press and the mixed economy.
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