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Four snippets on events and memorials to Sanjay Gandhi 1980 May 18.pdf
Indian Express report on work on Sanjay Gandhi memorial 1980 June 23.pdf
Hindustan Times report on indences of Sanjay Gandhi mishandling flights

no newspaper 1981 June 23.pdf
Maruti Films announces its homage to Sanjay Gandhi with a a feature on him titled 'Son of India'

IEX 1981 June 21.pdf
A report on the inquiry into Sanjay's death a year after his flight crashed. It criticises the effort of the authorities to shift blame onto Sanjay's co-pilot Subhash Saxena

HT 1981 Sept 1.pdf
The author examines various aspects of the report on the failure of the Pitts plane that Sanjay was commanding.

HT 1981 June 23.pdf
Harish Khare remembers the controversies surrounding Sanjay Gandhi a year after his death.

Patriot 1980 June 24.pdf
The first page of the Patriot's coverage on Sanjay Gandhi's death

Mainstream 1980 June 28.pdf
An editorial in the Mainstream on Sanjay Gandhi's death and the political vacuum it had left.

Mainstream 1980 July 5.pdf
An editorial in the Mainstream remarks on the lack of direction in the Youth Congress after Indira's death.
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