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IEX 1980 June 30.pdf
An editorial in The Indian Express demands an inquiry into irregularities in the workings of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation following Sanjay's death.

IEX 1980 June 25.pdf
In Indian Express article reports on the coverage of Sanjay Gandhi's death in the UK press.

IEX 1980 June 25_2.pdf
Feroz Khan, the director of the Bollywood film 'Qurbani' eulogises Sanjay Gandhi in prose broken tragically into verse form.

IEX 1980 July 1.pdf
Arun Shourie reflects on the implications of Sanjay Gandhi's death for the country.

IEX 1980 Dec 18.pdf
A report on speculations raised in the Lok Sabha alleging the involvement of Jan Sangh MP Nanaji Deshmukh in Sanjay Gandhi's plane crash.

HT 1980 Dec 14.pdf
The Hindustan Times Magazine interviews Maneka Gandhi after Sanjay Gandhi's death

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