Media and Emergency: Oral Histories


Media and Emergency: Oral Histories

Items in the Media and Emergency: Oral Histories Collection

Kuldip Nayar was editor of the Indian Express at the time of the Emergency. He talks of the media crackdown and his arrest during the Emergency.

Saeed Naqvi gives a close eyewitness account of the various players and actors in key positions during the Emergency

Nandini Mehta talks about being a woman journalist in a male preserve in the Delhi Statesman

Dilip Bobb recounts the beginnings of India Today

Inderjit Bhadhwar traces the beginnings and growth of India Today

Achin Vanaik talks of the work environment in the Times of India post Emergency and anti-Emergency activism in England

Pamela Philipose talks about the day the Emergency was declared. She also talks of the underground press that was resisting the Emergency by publishing pamphlets.